sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

Weight Loss Journey - Take 01

Ok... the infamous goal of... almost everyone for every New Year is to loose some of that weight that it's bugging you in your body and in your day to day life... And I have to admit that it's my case too... After my aunt past away on December 7th of 2011 I had 65 kg and I was loosing more, but since that event in my life I totally lost myself and start eating to compensate the lost of my best friend and loved aunt... I let it be too much now...

As you all know we are already 5 day into January and even if I did'nt told anyone out here about my goal of loosing some fat (not weight alone) of my body... I haven't told anyone eather that I started walking on the 2nd day of January.

I have a little plaza on the end of my street and if you take one walk around the path of that place you have been walking 500 meters. So that's the way I keep track of how much I walk every time I go there. I did walk before, on December but I stopped so I'm starting fresh and like I never walk before on that plaza.

I started with 3 laps around the square and I wanted to walk more but I thought that 1,5 kilometers was OK for my first day. Then I came back the next day and walked 5 laps and that was 2,5 kilometers and I was proud of myself.

Today (friday) was a little too different... I had a little argument with my love one and I cry and feel bad and everything so I just made 2 laps and went to my aunt house a block from the plaza and talk to my cousin, saw my nephew, play a little and went back home.

I'm not proud today but I did what I felt I needed to do to feel better and now my lovely baby and I are ok again so I feel better and happy. I do have to say this is a really hard relationship because of the distance and the way that my love one reacts to some stuff, and I'm pretty sensitive so... It affect me more...

Tomorrow (saturday) I plan to go for another 5 laps or 4 laps... I will keep going until I reach 10 laps... by the way I did the 5 laps in 35 minutes so... a little over and hour of walking will be great when I reach my 10 laps... and after that I want to be able to jog 5 of those 10 laps but not right know, in a future on 2013.

I took some measurements of myself and weight myself on January 1st. I was surprised that I didn't put on weight because of the Holidays, and at the same time I know I don't eat too much or badly, I just like to drink coca cola when I'm studying for finals or I get upset so... I'm controlling that and with exercise I think I will be loosing some body fat and with that some weight.

My measurements were:

Weight = 75 kgs
Waist = 107 cm
Bust = 107 cm
Hips = 109 cm
Right thigh = 65 cm
Left thigh = 65,5 cm
Right arm = 30,5 cm
Left arm = 28,5 cm

I will be updating you guys, just to have a way to be accountable about this and for those of you interested on knowing what I will be doing along the way. Also I'm aware of the reduction of cm's even when you weight is the same so I will be taking the measurements every tuesday and maybe weight myself. I don't want to become obsses about the scale so that's why I probably will be weighting myself every two weeks but for the rest will be every tuesday.

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