jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

My Weight Loss Journey - Take 4

Well my fellow friends and followers of this journey... I know, I know... I should have posted this on Tuesday but didn't feel like it and also couldn't find my measuring tape so... I did weight myself on tuesday and today again and also take my measurements... So lets start with that...

This week my measuments were:
Weight: 76,8 kg
Waist: 105
Bust: 106 cm
Hips: 110 cm
Belly: 111 cm

Reviewing my goals...

Lose 10 kg by the 10th of August, 2013
    -Gain 200 grams again

Be able to jog 4 laps around the plaza by the 10th of August, 2013
    -Started to walk again around the plaza on tuesday

Eat more natural fruits and vegetables
    -Still with problems with emotional eating, more now that I have the finals so close and decision to make about people in my life

Reduce only to weekends the intake of frizzy drinks and only up to 2 glasses
    -Drank 1 liter of Coke since Sunday until today

Workout at least 4 or 5 times a week without excuses
    -Like I said before, started working out again on tuesday, not taking more breaks though

Being honest and fair, it's not going to be easy. I couldn't keep up with the food journal thing but I really need to do it because with all the stress on top of me I will end up getting heavier and gain more weight instead of loosing it. Need to be more relaxed but since I made up my mind about a friendship situation I won't be getting any time fo myself and I need more time for myself.

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Steffanie Roldan dijo...

I would like to mention something about your problems with emotional eating. It may help you if you can identify your emotional eating triggers and bad eating habits and learn to break them. Try and keep a strong grip on your main goal: to lose weight. I know you can do it, Elizabeth!

- Steffanie Roldan

Elizabeth González dijo...

Steffanie, I think I know about the triggers of my emotional eating and sadly I can't get rid of them, most of them are there because of my family and the way we act to one another. My way to scape from that or to cover that was eating sandwiches and drinking Coca-Cola wich I know it's not a good idea but living a life, fighting with my mom 24/7 for over 13 years I didn't find yet anothe way to make the bad things go away. Bread I can control, Coke... well... that's a different story

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