About Me :)

Hello Everyone!

My name it's Patricia... Shocking, huh?

Nah... I go online by me second name, Elizabeth.

See? All it's good again :D

I'm a 28 years old single lady that lives with her parents and younger brother in a little country called Paraguay, in South America.

I'm an accountancy student, procrastinator by heart, planner lover, bookaholic, sodaholic (in recovery), magick believer and future Best Seller Author.

I want to share with you my crazy stories and loves because I want to help you figure things out. If one thing I did can teach you something, you bet your ass I may be making a post about it :D

How can little old me do something like that?

Simple and easy... Like I said before, I'm a procrastinator by heart, bookaholic and erotic writer with a lot of time and experience in getting things done and achieving my goals, usualy my way. Sometimes I don't get thing done or get the things I want to because I get in my own way but that part of life and I learn with it day in and day out...

And that...

My lovely sexy readers it's the main reason I'm here writing for you.
The escence of what I do it's all to come back right at you. Because without you wanting to learn how to study, write, enjoy reading, planner setups, ask questions, share, etc... I wouldn't be here talking about it.

Each and everyone of you that reads, participate, comment, ask questions, follow me on social media and more... You are the reason why I keep on writing and learning... Ultimately it's all about what I can do for you...

And I love every minute of i!

Thank your for being there!

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