lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Amazing finding

Hello, hello, hello... Do you remember the organizer that I got after my aunt died? Well... here is a picture to refresh your memory (for those of you who do watch my videos on youtube, it's one of the first videos about planners)

I just wanted to know what brand was it. I never knew and actually I thought that I probably never knew so... I give up... Just a few minutes ago I was looking on ebay (like always) and wrote "personal organizer", searching page after page and the I saw this (picture it's not there because the sell on ebay it's over)

Can anyone of you honestly tell me if the stiching and the colour it's not te same?! I was in shock. Of course I read the brand: Enzo Baglioni's... and it says leather organizer wich means mine should be leather to *excited* Then I look of the letters at the bottom of the picture: EB, and compare my binder with the picture.

I think (if I'm not so bad) that it's PA, obviously not the same brand but do tell me if it's not just the same organizer. I keep looking at the photos on Ebay of the planner and it's the same, the pockets, the only difference is that the Ebay binder it's a zip binder, and mine it's not.

What do you think about this people? Amazing don't you think? for me it is *smily face all over*

Here is the Ebay link to Enzo Baglioni Leather Planner Organizer

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