jueves, 3 de enero de 2013


This post is a way to get out my frustration because of the current price of the Aston at the Filofax USA website.

Most of you readers out there know that I'm saving for that planner from the hand of Linda, she will sell me her Chocolate Aston in Personal Size for that same price... 50 US Dollars... And now the Filofax USA have a HUGE 60% sale on the items that were on sale for the past weeks and one of those is the Aston in personal size.

Why am I so frustrated and upset? Because I have the dam money but I can't buy it because it will mean that I'm touching my life/inheritated money from my aunt, that I promised I wouldn't touch for this particular purchase. If I didn't said that I will save that money for emergencies, I already buy and ship the Aston from Linda with no problema what so ever... But I can't...

There is always the alternative... to use it and then save to replace it but... my head it's split and will make me mad before I reach any choise. Since this is a post to rant about it I will be explaining a little bit more about this situation for those of you that want to read it.

With the shipping and stuff the Aston will be 80 US Dollars easily, buy it from Linda of Filofax in this particular moment it's the same money or a few bucks less because of the shipping weight but that money... I never in my right mind would have expend that kind of money on a binder or planner in my life...

This will be like a BIG, HUGE, spoiled, childlish craving for a planner and I already have my Violet Domino's and my Malden... and the brown one that I found at my aunt's department... So why on earth do I want another organizer? And to be honest I'm not a big planner person... to be more honest, my life looks like a tornado have gone thru and everything it's always upside down... so why?? Bite me! I don't know!

Money it's really tight at home right now. The account of my parents it's in red and they had to make a loan to cover that deficit. Honestly making a purchase like this, at this particular time it's from a crazy person... or in any time with me not working, my parents with this problems and still trying to make us have a nice vacations in a week because they know that once I start working again I won't be able to travel with them anymore.

I want it... For my life that I want it... But I can't have it... It's worst than the time that I posted my video about the Ultra Violet Domino that Jayne so kindly send it to me and that I love with all my heart. Because this time around I did find a way to buy online, but the amount of money... *sigh* If I ever decide to buy it with this sale... I don't know what would be happening... but sure as anything that my brother and parents will be screaming at me for being so thoughtless and irresponsible with my money...

This is enough I guess... My idea was to let everything out and I did, not all of it because there are some stuff that I can't share for personal reasons that involve my parents... I know this won't stop me from going every day to the website and look, sigh and stroke the screen... but it will help to know why I have to restraint myself...

And if this don't cut it... I didn't buy the Day Timer organizer for 12,99 US Dollars, washi tape or other stuff because I still have to use my money for some post office trips that I have been waiting to do so... For a good reason I'm not buying my Aston... or any other binder... right?

Lady Elizabeth

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Cloudberry dijo...

It's a tough call and I hope you make the decision that is right for you.

I cancelled out my FF splurge by selling some other things that I no longer use.

Elizabeth González dijo...

It's hard, honestly it is. I have try to sell some of my old stuff that I don't use anymore, even my teddy bears but nothing seams to work right now.

I found someone willing to sell me her red Finsbury in a really low price and I'm tempted but I don't know... I do have stuff to pay and to the trip with my parents I want to take some money.

Don't know. I will keep trying and I think Filofax it's not discontinuing the Aston for now. So maybe for Christmas 2013 I can buy it.

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