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My Weight Loss Journey - Take 2

Hello again girls and boys *stick her tongue out in a funny way like a child would do*

This is me update post after my first week in the Weight Loss Journey and I'm really excited because I feel good and I'm keeping this up and doing the things that I need to do, excersise regularly even on the week end. Talking about that. I promise some pictures of my plaza just around the corner and didn't take them yet, sorry, I will be doing that this afternoon if I can go and walk because it seams like it's going to rain.

Some little story about what happend yesterday. My cousin send me this sms to my phone: "Today at 6 pm on the plaza we walk, if you don't show up, I will charge you a fine". I right away send it to her: "jajajajaja I hope you don't stood me up like in December". I was really mad, who was she to tell me that? I'm walking since January 2nd and... then it hit me... the night of the Sunday another cousin came to visit and I told her that I was walking, so probably she told her sister in law that was the one who send me the sms.

By 6 pm I was at the plaza, because that is my regular hour of walking even with so much people, because earlier it's too hot now to walk. I looked and they weren't there, what a surprise *irony* I started walking around and made my 5 laps for the day, I started with the same amount of Friday and then I will go up. After I finish they didn't show up so I went to my aunt house a block from the square and drank some limonade and talk. Wile I was there I got a call from the cousin who send the sms saying that I wasn't walking and it was already 7:15 pm when she called. I told her where I was, that I end up my walk long ago and that she said 6 pm and she wasn't there. She made some lame excuse and I hung up. Walking home I cross the two of them, my cousin that was on Sunday at home and the other wich is my cousin's wife but I said cousin to her too. I was mad because she said again that I didn't workout, that it was no way I was going to walk alone and that I went to my aunt's house and just said that was walking. I told them that I finished and I was going home and so I did, really mad.

My dad said I shouldn't care but I did... They make me start walking last November/December and them dumped me and I did it alone for 3 more weeks until the final's at Uny make me stop. I don't know if I'm being silly but I hate when people think I'm not capable of doing something on my own and that I will stick to my workout routine. I won't depend on them, I will do it my way and they can kiss my ass (sorry for the language) when I reach my goal in August.

Something fun to notice... My brother and I bought this carpet game a few months ago and never used it, until now. The game it's Step Manía and basically it's a game where you dance you ass of on the carpet that we bought and gain points to go up in levels. It's a game that make you jump, move, and all of those amazing stuff that makes you excersise at the same time. Over the weekend I played for half an hour at a time and let me tell you... I end up more worked that with my laps around the square around the corner.

Total honesty here before I put my measurements and the changes comparing to it with last week. I didn't stop drinking fizzy drinks like Coca Cola but I manage to do it in a lower level than what I was doing it. I'm a huge Coca Cola addict but I know I can stop, I did it before, and I can do it again with a little time on my side. Another thing that got my attention was that last night a 2:40 am I weight myself and have half a kilogram less that what I had this morning when I woke up *raises an eyebrow* Does anyone know what's up with that?

This week my measuments were:
Weight: 77 kg
Waist: 106 (loss 1 cm)
Bust: 105,5 cm (loss 1,5 cm) (u.u)
Hips: 108 cm (gain 1 cm)
Right Thigh: 65 cm
Left Thigh: 65,5 cm
Right Arm: 28,5 cm (loss 2 cm)
Left Arm: 28,5 cm

Ok, here it's the bad side of loosing weight. My boobs are smaller now! *really sad face* I'm only proud of two parts of my body: my boobs and my hair (not all the time of my hair). But well, I need to keep going even more because this just started now and I wanted to be over but with me weighting like 10 to 15 kg less than now.

I didn't make so much goals for this journey but I realize I need to have some achievable goals and something to check if I'm doing alright or not and what better way than to do it here and now.

Weight Loss Goals

Loose 10 kg by the 10th of August, 2013.

Be able to jog 4 laps around the plaza by the 10th of August, 2013.

Eat more natural fruits and vegetables.

Reduce only to weekends the intake of fizzy drinks and only up to 2 glasses.

Workout at least 4 or 5 times a week without excuses.

Some short explanation about my goals, even when I know I don't need to do it. My 27th Birthday will be on August 11th that why I need to loose those kilograms by the 10th. I always wanted and envy those girl jogging at the plaza, honestly... How they do it without stopping?! About the fizzy drinks... I'm a Coke addict and specially when I'm upset or stress about something, but I also realize that in some situations it's good to give you a relax time and drink it... Like in a family reunion or something. The eating more natural and workout it's not such in need of an explanations, right? *smiles*

I hope to see the other girls updates too (n.n) Until next week with this Weight Loss Journey of ours.

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