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The Sleeping Filofax (Belzira's Blog Competition)

This is a pretty little story for Belzira's Blog Competition

The Sleeping Filofax

The night of Christmas Eve was as hectic as you all may imagine. Elf running around from here to there, picking up toys from all over the place and bringing them to the gigant red bag with the golden ropes around the edges to keep it shut during Santa's fly so nothing will fall out. Yelling and screaming about were that present was or the ribbons or tape it was what you can hear al around Santa's workshop because they need to finish loading the bag before ten before midnight so Santa could be out on time to be able to deliver all the presents in time.

A big man with a very puffy beard came into the room and everyone keep yelling like nothing was going to stop them and then the old big man said out loud in a hard commanding voice: "Were is the book?". Inmediately there was not even a nail dropping on the floor, all the eyes were on that man figure and he repited the question again: "I'll said it again... Were is the book?". Nobody mooved.

"It should be on your desk... Santa", said a little elf looking at him but the man in red denied and pointed to his desk inside the room that he was in just a few seconds ago: It's not in there, it was but now it's not and if I don't get the book how on earth I will be able to deliver all the toys? You all know that the addresses of every little boy and girl it's in that book"

Nobody know were the book was and the chief elf went to Santa's desk and look but didn't found anything and everybody started to really worry because the clock was ticking and getting more and more close to midnight. "We need to find the book now... Everybody needs to search... Go, go... hurry up" said the chief elf and the search of that precious book started, but this time was in silence, nobody screaming or yelling, and everyone was very sharp to where or what they may found happened to Santa's book.

In the mean time, in a corner well protected from the noise and the light of that huge place, someone was asleep, deeply asleep, in a comfy, brown, puffy, smooth, cold and leatherly like pillow. She didn't snore because she coudn't but the new bed she found in the old huge belly man was all that she wanted from the first time she arrived on that workshop that never has a moment of peace and quiet, and that tick her sences, something was off, too much quiet and so little movement but she stay still in her new found bed and trying to go back to sleep.

Mrs. Claus got into the workshop smiling a little and almost laughing but still holding herself: "I found it". She said and everyone followed her to that cold, dark corner were she was sleeping. It was Lily who took the book, the snake pet, and used it like her own private pillow so she can rest. Santa carefully pick her up and take the book with him, Lily wasn't happy but Mrs. Claus reasure her that Santa will bring back the book to her after that night. Santa delivered all the presents in time and give back the book to Lily so she can rest again and protected for the rest of the year from every other who wanted to make it disapear.

The End

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