jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Stationary Purchase

Hello Stationary Addicts and Filofaxers and... and...


Well, all of you out there reading this entry LOL

As most of you know I live in South America, in a little country named Paraguay, wich it's very worm and crazy at the same time. Paypal for some extrange reason didn't gave our country the oportunity to have an account open, like Argentina and Brazil can... Don't know why honestly...

A few people that have an account on the US because they have family or used to live there, now started companies that buy things for the people charging 10% of the product prize and charging 17$ per kg for the weight.

I found a reasonable, for my point of few, company and make a few request to have some buggets and stuff about the things that I wanted to buy and I started small, with tabs and washi tape. I finaly came to the conclusion that I have to try it so in December *nod* Yes, without anyone else's knowledge, I made two purchases with this people.

Two packages arrived today *nod's again*
I know you only see one envelope there but they were two, one was the Tape from Smash and the other was the notetabs that came in combination.

The package with this Avery notetabs and the Martha Stewart down below, where 6.60$ on Ebay free shipping in the US together, the Company charged me a total of 7$ with the 10% included in that and when they arrived here I pay another 4.8$ for the weith. So a gran total of...

*do the math*


This Smash Tape with the Want it, Need it, Fab, etc...

*smiles big time*

Maybe my friend Jayne remembered or those of you who watched my video when I got the Domino's and my Mini Malden. Since then I was lusting over it and I decided that I will get it no matter what...

This Smash Tape *nod* I know... it says 2.63$ but... on Ebay was more, don't remember exactly with shipping... the Company charged me 4$ including the 10% and when it arrived I pay another 4.8$

*do the math*


So at the end I pay for this few items 20.6$...

*thinks looking at the numbers*

Hmmm, a little more than I was expecting but I guess it's fine, right?
What do you think people?
At least I'm happy about it

*stick her tongue out like a child*

Even with the family situation that I had this week I could pay the money to take those home with me.

*thinks and thinks again*

And I'm still waiting for my gift from Tracy, I'm a little worried because of the Christmas crazyness on the mail service and knowing that they lost or delay the delivery too much because of it...


Think next time someone send me something should be with a tracking number like Jayne did, just to be sure and that is not fear because that way it's more expensive according to what I know.

*cross her fingers*

Now I just pray to win the competition so I can win a Filofax of my choise

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