lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

My Filofax Week # 02

Ok boys and girls... This week it's not so cute or shinny or with color...

I never honestly cross my stuff to do and things like that this week, wasn't a good one and I still can feel the fear and stress of it...

As you can see I was pretty happy about the travel to Brazil being stopped and not going anymore. But two days later I cay my eyes out because my love one got angry because I couldn't talk and writte because my mother was bothering me with some questions that I couldn't say to my mom that she needed to wait because my love one wanted to talk to me... We actually broke up that night and I cry and cry on skype talking and explaining and finaly we came back as a last chance...

To this day that I'm posting this, I finish my room organization for the trip and my bags are packed but I didn't finish my drawing yet so I need to hurry up and finish it already so I can post it and win the Malden or the Cuban (*o*)

Keep it funny!

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