jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

My Weight Loss Journey - January Review

Welcome, Welcome again to my weekly Weight Loss post with my updates and because you are so cool with me I've decided to put some pictures of my horrible feets on the scale this morning. So.. if you pinch on the picture of my feets and put it in the normal size for the photo you will see that the scale it's actually marking 73,6 kg but at that you have to add 2 kg to have the accurate weight so it is 75,6 kg.
After that I have to say I'm very proud of myself and my journey. It's not been an easy road for me this month but I stick to my goals, my wants and I did accomplish a little. I have to admit too that I didn't do it alone, I've pretty little gorgeous people behind me, helping, pushing, keeping me on track and accountable of my workouts: Alice, Sandra H, Preethi (Filofit) and Romi Morris. This girls have been with me and giving great ideas for not get bored and keep working out so I have to say it...

Off course when it comes to my measurements I have decided that it's not so cool to be putting them here week after week and I finaly made a template for my Filofax to keep myself in check and post it here as a picture at the end of every month. In that way I can keep myself in check and also show you what and how I have been doing in my measurements.

Here we have the review of my measurements in the easy, simple template I made in Excel for my Domino A5 and I will be putting it in my Personal size too. According to my measurements I have lost 2 cm of my bust, my hips are the same, my waist it's 2 cm less and my arms and legs are about the same. I do know now that I took wrong the measurements of my arms and legs, that's why I say they are about the same. For next month I will be making sure I take them correctly.
I lost 1.4 Kgs

When it's time to check my Goals I realized that maybe I'm being a little too... Don't know how to say it but I imitated a pretty girl when about Goals it's concerned so I have decided to make my own Goals at my own way and keep it like that, in my Filofax too and show you guys an update with my measurements at the end of each month.

Weight Loss Goals for February

No drinking Coke for a Month

Eat more fruits

Excersise 60 minutes a day

Keep a daily food journal

Try a new recipe for a meal or shake once a week

Next I leave you with a few pictures of meals I ate this past week between saturday and today, wich is thursday... Hope you enjoy (n.n)

This I ate the 25 at the Pinedo Shopping... fdafs

This I ate last Friday at my home, in a family dinner...

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