lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Notes/Wallet Combo - Review

This is the little (chubby) fauxdori that I'm using as my notebook and wallet combo for *thinks for a few seconds* almost a week now...

I made a great setup of this and it's working like a charm. I do love that the plastic pocket that I slide in there can holds not only money but also tickets and stuff, which it's really handy.

What can I say about this setup? Well...

I have really enjoy how easy it is to take it out of my bag to pay for things and also how light weight it is, because if I carrie all my other planner stuff or even a bigger wallet, it would be heavy and my shoulder would get hurt because of it.

Also allows me to take it everywhere I go, no matter where it is, because I can just throw it in my bag with my phone and mp3 player and go. Sit in a park, take it out and write or even on the bus, which is not easy, let me tell you that, but I could do it if I wanted or need it too.

I know I have my money in that little thing, but it's in the back pocket and it doesn't even show, so there's no problem at all to take it out, people think it's just a notebook or journal, nothing worth taking from you :D

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