jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Blogtober #02

The second day of October, how are you all people? *smile* I am good even with all the things happening in my life at this time of the month...

You may not know, if you didn't saw my video yesterday or the one I will put up today and the link down below... I am quiting my job and my last day will be next Wednesday so I have a ton of work to do and people to say goodbye too and pictures to take and all that jazz so...

Should I continue? *looks around and since nobody said NO, she continues* Yes, I will...

2. Favourite place or city that you have been to
This make me think a little bit because it's not like I have been far away from home... I could say that my favourite place was a place I have been only for a few hours a few years ago. It was inside my country but it was at a company that one of my cousins used to work at. Very country like, a lot of trees, very little technology, it had this very natural looking and feeling air and the witch in me was in love!

Again a video with this blog post *big smile*

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