miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

BlogTober #01

Welcome this incredible month that I like so much! *bows her head for a few seconds while she said that and then look at everybody* Ejem... So... Welcomed to you too readers of this oh so simple blog *smile*

October it's finally here and I didn't want it to let it pass me by just because in my country we don't make a big deal about Halloween. That does not mean I don't enjoy it *wiggle her eyebrows* It's a very wicked time of the year in did.

Going back to the point... I didn't want this month to pass me by so I decided to look online to see what could I do to remember October 2014 and I came upon this *points to the picture down there*

I came across this in two blogs:

So basically I am doing a Blog every day, answering this prompts... And I am starting Today!

1. About you:
Name: Elizabeth, Lizzie, Eli, Patty, Trisha
Age: 28
Location: Currently in my room
Occupation: Student of sorts
Fav Shows: Hmmm... shows? *thinks* Let me see... I love CSI Miami, CSI New York, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Vampire Diaries... even tho I don't watch a lot of TV lately
5 Facts About You: I have dye hair, I love the rain, I wanted to be a writter when I grew up, I am a nice person, and I live with my parents still
Recent Photo:
Better yet... I will leave you a video *big smile* untill tomorrow! *waves bye-bye*

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