domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

Blogtober #04

Today it has been a very not relaxing day I guess... Lots of work at the office and also at home... But I want to keep up with this month challenge so here we go... next prompt says...

4. Someone you idolize

I thought about this all day almost and I notice I don't have anyone I idolize in reality, not even an actor or actress or singer... The truth is that I do not do that anymore, I believe in the quote down:

I know it's not the most possitive quote or thought ever but I know for experience that it's true in most situations. Sorry if someone feels bad for my words but let me explain where I come from and of course this not apply to all things.

I used to see my aunt as my idol. I didn't wanted to be single all my life like she was but at the end I realize that she was a strong and independent person that did what she wanted to because nobody could dictate her life. But the times she let me down and I let her down... they were too many and last time it happend we even didn't have time to get back to normal grounds before she died.

So no, I don't idolize nobody... I can't shut myself off completely but usually I expect some things from people but try to remember that maybe, just maybe, things not always will be like I want them to be...

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