miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Blogtober... What happend??

You may be asking between each other, what happend with the Blogtober post? Well... How can I explain this in a way that can be understand by all? *scratch her chin* I know... I simply didn't want to make them anymore *smile like the cheshire cat*

The hole point was to blog every single day, you could say... But let me ask you this: Why prepare a blog post if you don't want to follow the prompts given to you for this?

So what I will do is make a blog post from here forward about any idea I got in my head that day *smile* Today for example I want to talk about Midori Traveler's Notebooks and my obsesion with getting a Trifold from Jonelifish.

Honestly, I want that Midori Trifold Journal *sigh deeply* But I already have a regular size brown gorgeous original Midori that my Boo gifted to me, and don't get me wrong, I adore that thing but looking at this I can't stop thinking that it would be amazing in my hands *stick her tongue out just a second, like a child*

What makes things worst it's that I already name this Trifold and that makes me want it even more, which it's not good, not good at all... *sigh again* When I get stuff into my head, ideas that I want something, I often end up getting it or just ignoring the idea completely and a great example would be that last night I was on the Barnes and Noble website wanting to buy Piccadilly Notebooks for my Midori *roll her eyes* Like I didn't have enough handmade ones...

I need to fight with this urge to press that bottom and get that Trifold in my hands because really... I don't NEED to pay more that XX dollars on a leather trifold, right? *sigh* But i WANT to, and there lays the problem, because technicaly I can, I have the money but it would be like my binders, I have 6 (if I don't remember incorrectly) and I not even using one well enough...

In total honesty I have:
1 Full size Original Midori
1 Full size leather Midori
1 Handmade full size fauxdori
1 Field Notes size leather Midori
1 Handmade pocket size leather Midori
1 Handmade pocket size fauxfori

So... I ask you... I really need to pay XX amount of dollars for another Midori?

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