domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Stalker Mode 02

Hello again gorgeous people out there on the other side of the computer (n.n)

Ok, this is anothe one of my post of stalking on Ebay and adding Amazon to the list LOL

Starting with Ebay and this baby in personal size = the Filofax Tropic

The next in the list it's one that I would love to have and I would use my money if I didn't want the Aston more = the Filofax Finchley in black and Filofax Finchley in purple [tendency for the purple on this binder]

This beauties from the Filofax Website on Sale = the Filofax Dakota, Filofax Chameleon, Filofax Metropol in Orange

All of those in personal size, now the A5 that I was looking at for being the cheapest next to the Sketch that I don't want is... = the Filofax Apex and some may ask, why? Because I need something big that I don't be so worry about scratching and my Domino can get some scratch. I would go for the Apex in personal but I'm looking for something to use at work, A5 looks too big and personal sound perfect right now.
Leaving Filofax on the side and going to my next chance and more affortable for now it's Day Timer Croc in bouth sizes because they are on sale, one on Ebay and the other on Amazon.

And last but not least, the Franklin Covey it's a binder that I'm looking for a few days, not sure about it but it's nice looking, not so cheap but for working in accountancy like I will or in a bank I think it may work = Franklin Covey Compact Croco

This are some refills and stuff that I want and probably won't get also but like to look and just found and think are great price for this kind of things = Flavia Day Runner 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, Dodo Pad A5, Martha Stewart Craft Tape, Le Pen Set, Mt Slim Twist Cord Washi, Japanese Washi Tape Bundles, K&Company Washi Tape Like This, K&Company Washi Tape Calendar, Day Runner Zip Pouch, Papermate Inkjoy 8 Pack, 3 Fixion Pen, 8 Colour Uni-Ball Signo.

I can keep going all night long finding more stuff but this are the most interesting for me right now at this moment in time. Some of this I don't nee (most of it) but I like it and If I could I would get it LOL

Lady E.

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