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365/30 List [December]

Ok people, this is my first attempt to make my way with the 365/30 list of Filofaxers *drum roll*

Starting with Day 1 of the list and also Day 2 following this because for me it's... *looks at the clock* yeap, almost ending day 2... I decided to mesh this two together... I will keep updating every day to not make too many post about this for now...

Day 1
Goals for this Month

Well, this make me think a little even when I already have some goals in mind... some may sound silly but they are my goals so...

1) Stick to my food journal for the hole month

2) Approve as many final exams as I can without excuses

3) Do some exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes

4) Keep track of my expenses for the hole month

5) Use my Filofax everyday

6) Loose 2-3 kg before Christmas

7) Vlog at least once a week this month

8) Don't make UNNECESSARY purchases! (T_T)

9) Post a video for each of my channels before Christmas

Day 2
Super Powers you Wished you Possessed 

1) Being able to control time or travel in time

2) Being able to make money out of tree leaves

3) Being able to cure any illness including cancer

I was thinking of giving you an idea of why I want this particular super powers and I don't ask for eternal life or inmunity to any illness or stuff like that, but... I don't know how to explain without being a little selfish at the same time, even when I want this to make things better around the world, there is always something too personal when you wish for something, maybe other day I would explain...

Day 3
Which celebrities would you like to receive a Christmas card from?

Well, this seams easy enough:

1) Hilady Duff

2) Jonny Deep

3) Hug Jackman

4) Brad Pitt

5) Taylor Lautner

Day 4
New Filofax formats to try out next year

Well to be honest I just god my first ever Filofax almost a month ago. Since then I have been thinking about the formats and layouts for my planner for 2013 but didn't decide yet.

* Week on a page

* Week on two pages (even spaces)

* Week on two pages (columns)

Day 5
Favourite Christmas films

You just make me look for them (-.-) I don't watch Christmas films so much, I preffer Halloween ones.

* The nightmare before Christmas

* A Christmas Carol

* The Santa Clause

* The Polar Express

Day 6
Christmas Card List

Oooook. I do have to say I don't send Christmas Cards ever. This year I will make THE exception to that.

* Paulina (my best friend in Chile - already sended)

* Salvador (my best friend in Spain)

* Jayne and Faith (my adorable friend in London and her princess)

* Jennifer Ross (from Organized Like Jen *-*)

* Crazy Suburban Mom (don't know her name but as soon as I get her parcel I will be sending something)

Day 7
A List Of Your Choice

This is something I wasn't expecting so... I will make a

List of All the Blessings I Got regarding to Filofax/Organizer from 2012
(in my hands and soon to be in my hands)

* The Domino Ultra Violet Personal Size

* The Domino Ultra Violet A5 Size

* The Malden Grey Mini Size

* The Metropol Red Personal Size

* The Domino Pink/Raspberry Personal Size

* The Brown Unknow Personal Size

* The Blue Unknow Personal Size (people will see soon in video)

* The Martha Stewart Tabs, Dots, Sticky

* The Studio C Folders

Day 8
Cards and Presents to be Delivered

* A parcel for Jayne

* A postcard and letter to Jen

* A postcard and else to SubUrbanMom

* A parcel to Salvador in Spain

* Other postcards and letter to people that want it from me and ask me to or I decided to send

Day 9
Who is visiting Christmas Day/who are you visiting

* My cousins from my mother side

* My aunt that it's in reallity a friend of my father

Day 10
Christmas Food/Essentials Shop

Ok this is funny because I don't cook in my parent house unless is rise or plain spaghetti. Sooo... I will go with the essential shop list:

* Mom and Dad present (probably I will be cooking something and that can be my gift)

* My own present

* New post-its or stickys just for starting the New Year with new stuff (LOL I already have a lot)

* New bag, handbag, purse (However you call it)

Day 11
Parties/Events to Attent Over Christmas
When Christmas is over I go to my cousin house and the home again to bed.
I don't attent events or parties at this time or in New Year.
It may seams like I'm boring or something but the reallity is that... that's the way I was raised.

Day 12
Your Own Items For My 12 Days Of Christmas
Honestly I don't know... I think I could make something but since it's a little late I would make a To Do List for My 12 Days Of Christmas and Update about it later.

Day 13
Favorite Christmas Carols
Ohhh this is really something I don't know.

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