domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

My Stash - Part 01 = Paper

Hello again for all of you out there (n.n)

Hope you're having great holidays already.

What I have here for you today/tonight, are pictures and a little video about my stash of stuff.

For all of you who don't know this about me:

I can't go into a store or super market or shopping in my country without going to the library/stationary section during my time there, just it's not me if I don't. I 90% of the time leave without buying anything, just go inside or at the area for the sake of looking and admiring and... *sigh* So I do it all the time and makes me smile every single time...

Scrapbooking paper that my aunt have in her house/department and we found after she past away a year ago (u.u) I haven't use any of this stuff yet because I feel some attachment to it deep inside.

Cardstock and paper of different colours and sizes...

Foam of 10 different colours, you can see the package with the orange colour on top...

Sticker paper... I would be pounching holes and making some of those mark it dots LOL

Little size envelopes, don't know for what exactly but I will find out :P

Video form my Youtube Channel about my stash

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Kristin Peters dijo...

Are you making dividers for your filofax? Congrats on finishing exams.

Elizabeth González dijo...

Yes I am, right now I'm choosing colors and stuff, stickers or other to make the dividers for 2013 for my A5 Domino, because for now my personal Domino it's fine with the purple and pink cardboard dividers I made a month ago. I use white masking tape to put or change the labels on them because I don't have yet the tab dividers that you can change places.

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