viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Saving for a Filofax!!

Hello again to all of you around the world.

This post is to talk about a Filofax fixation that I have on one Filofax in particular... I almost made two posts like this but I decided that I love this one the most (for now)

The Aston

Since the day I saw this model on a video in the Orchid color I was in love. Love at first site!
I want it so badly but I'm also a person that takes care of her money because I don't work and even when I know I can get the money from my savings I don't want to touch it... *scratch herself not to* Because I know I would need that money for other things and it's the money that my aunt left me when she died last year, and I promise myself and her that I would be wise in the use of it... *snif snif*

Don't get me wrong, please. I love my Domino's and my Mini Malden but this is my ultimate goal Filofax (for now). I was going after the Holborn or the Cuban but this... this is like... heaven opens for me when I see it online... And weird as may sound I rather have it in Chocolate Brown or Mushroom color... *sigh*

A Filofriend (Linda) has a Chocolate Brown Aston and I said I want it because I do. She gave me her prize  and for me it's fine, perfect... But I can't touch my savings and with this holiday on top I had to use some of my money to get my mom and dad some presents and I need to save again for it *sigh again*

Things would be so much easier if I just could take the money and use it for something else but I know myself and since I'm not working right now I need to take care of that money more than ever. That's why I always going to be gratefull to Jayne, because she send me my babies and I do have something for her... I'm just waiting for the holidays to go by and I can send it to her without so mucho worried about the mail, because we all know that in this time of the year, it's crazy.

So here I am... One of my yearly goals it's going to be: Saving for the Aston Filofax and not buy anything, if I can get a chance, that is not this binder.

I do want other models, like an orange Graphic or an orange Metropol or a Wine Holborn... but this makes me scratch myself over and over again. The Orchid color it's gorgeous but I have seen so many videos about them that I want to see one or two in a different color and maybe one of those videos would be mine.

The Flickr account of the first picture has more about the Aston but in the black color, wich is really nice color too (n.n)


Lady E.

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