miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

They Are Here!!! (*w*)

Yesterday I started my journey in the crazy and amazing world of Filofax (YEY!)

First of all I should have made this post yesterday but I was so overwhelmed with this parcel arriving (FINALY) that I couldn't even get my hands to write here. But, better now than never, isn't right?

One interesting fact (at least for me) was that this parcel left London the 31th of October (O.O Halloween) and arrived the 13th of November (TUESDAY 13th). Being me, the one little witch that I like to say I am, this fact was relevant and make this gift even more special (*w*)

You would see (if you watch the video) that this parcel was FULL of gift and things that I love and I will use in my Filofax's when I get them set up. But for those who don't want to watch a 17 minutes long videos of me opening my parcel (-.-) I will list what I got down here:

1) Stickers (*o*)
2) Magnet paper clip (2 of them)
3) Sticky notes in various colors
4) A ball point blue pen
5) Note pads (one spiral bound, the other one in the shape of a cat)
6) Stamps (for Christmas)
7) Stickers for Christmas presents or others
8) An 8 hole punch
9) A few Dodo Pad inserts (definitely try them out)
10) A mini Malden in GREY
11) A personal Domino Ultra Violet (with page marker)
12) An A5 Domino Ultra Violet (with page marker)

I think I put everything in that list... hmmm... If I find out something is missing I would add to it (^-^)

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