sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Fresh Start

Hello to everyone reading this ^-^

I finaly decide that I need some space for myself, without the presure that I used to have in other places. Looking here and there I have put some blogs up and down in the past, even in Wordpress but I end up taking then down again because I wasn't confortable with some things and here you have me, again in Blogger, using this like the in the beginning.

A breaf notion of what you can find in here are my personal thoughts about some ishues that I have in my life, stories that I wrote and write as the time goes by, pictures of things that I do, pictures also of my life when I believe it's convenient, videos of my youtube channel, and some bits and peaces of my day in and day out.

I pretend this to be my safe place for onces, somewhere I can put my thoughts out of my head and just let myself go sometimes in the words of the keyboard so I can make my life a little easy and have less ishues with stuff that I don't need to think so much AND to show off some stuff too when they make my happy or proud.


Lady E.

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