miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Homemade Dividers

As most of you know I have 3 (three) gorgeous Filofax's at home and I wanted to start personalizing them as soon as they got in my hands, but I need it some time to figure how I was going to set up the dividers and trying some ideas I came up with this.

I decided to try to make dividers out of paper, so I took my old Pascualina 2004 agenda and take the spiral out. Then I proceed to look for pages with no writting on them so I can use and set up in my head the idea of 12 dividers, one for each month.

I took a paper a little bigger than the personal size paper (3 3/4 x 6 3/4) and use it as a guide to cut the paper of my old 2004 agenda in the places that I saw fit to do so. I was really carefull and traced the paper with pencil all the way around before cutting it.

As you can see I was really carefull and only cut a few sheet, first and then I cut the other 6 (six) because I needed 12 sheets to make the 12 months dividers.

I found trhu Philofaxy, Ray's blog and in that blog I found this template to make 6 dividers so I printed and use it in a different way. Cut the round edges and place it uppon my sheets one by one to trace the outside and then cut it to size.

Here I have the first 6 (six) dividers... If you make the picture open in other page you will see better the dividers. They have a lot of colour and they are fun for me to watch every day (n.n)

This is one, just for you to see the little part that it's the place were I would writte the month. It's really small but it's enough for me to see it in the binder so it would fit perfectly for my needs.

And here we have the 12 (twelve) dividers for my months. I'm not sure if I would laminate them but if I do, I will update this post with pictures and let you all know (n.n)

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Suzee Neal dijo...

Love those dividers! Very colorful

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for the post, just in case, Do you know what art style is used in that agenda 2004? I have also that one and I know the artist is Paulina Monckeberg Bruner

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