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My A4 Organization System

Observation: My birth language is not English, sorry for the mistakes in my writting

This baby I have since a year, my mom gave it to me after she went to Argentina, to her cousin house. I have decided that I will used it until December so I will see if I like the size and stuff, but it's just to stay at home because I'm finishing the classes at the University in two weeks and the rest of the time it's studying for the finals that start on November 22.

I got some dividers with tabs and stick some sticky paper and flags on the cover of the binder just to use it if I need it. I pretend to put some more stuff like a plastic pouch of some sort but that's something that I need to see if will be nice to my eyes.

I only have 4 tabs labeled: Routine, Calendar, Fitness, To Do's. The ones that are missing yet are Website and Forums Login Information and some Festivals that will have my takes on some festivals that I'm looking at this year.

This calendar I printed from a blog from Mrs January Inc. and I have until December only but they are so cute and spaced for me that I will look for them next year to, I hope she made the 2013 too. There I wrote the birthdays on pink that I want to remember, the ones highlither in blue are my finals and the little numbers with yellow hightlight are a count down until my Filofax gets here.

This is in my Fitness section. Since this calendar if big enough I have decided to put how much walking I did and when, and also put how many glasses of water I take on each day. I have a food journal in process so that won't be here yet but soon it will be.

Hope you like it, if you have any succestions please coment (n.n)

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Lord Dodo dijo...

Hello Elizabeth! I saw your post on Filofax for Philofaxy Fans...I love your wind chime at the top. I only just saw it after reading your post - and could not understand why my laptop was chiming!!

If you carry on using your 3 ring binder you might like to look at our 2013 diary - it fits your binder as it has 7 holes - for both American and European ring binders! Good luck!

We also have one for the academic year discounted in price. ( the green one on this page )

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