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#OneBookJuly2014 - Wrap up!

*Looking at the calendar* Hmmm... what day it is? hmmm August 3rd... *Double look at the calendar* AUGUST 3RD! What the F! happend to July!!

Welcome again to another one of my crazy post so... This is my wrap up for the #One Book July 2014 Challenge that Miss Vicky, Rhomany and Carie so kindly put on so others like myself could follow and see if we were able to stay in one book for a hole month...

Of course the rules were: one book, one pen for one month... Pretty easy right? Well... people are very creative and I myself end up using my Midori Traveler's Notebook with 5 inserts on it for the month of July. I had a List insert, a Work insert, a Me insert, a Journal insert and a Fauxbonichi insert... xD

What I liked about this challenge?
  • The Midori, even if I was using the regular size, it's very light weight in comparison with my Metropol Filofax in personal size, adding to that my coins purse and a pocket or regular faudori that I used to keep with me most of the time.
  • All in one book... meaning that I could have work, journal, lists, anything in just ONE midori, not like with my Filofax because I never end up getting along with my setup, I always end up changing something in it.
  • The ability of taking my Work insert out and keeping the rest in my bag was fantastic! My boss it's a little too noisy for her own good and I hate it when she used to pick my Metropol and flip my pages and questioning me about my personal stuff that I have in there. Because I have all in one anyway.
  • The size of the pages it's bigger than personal size Filofax and for me was better for my work setup and personaly I liked how it looks.
  • I also could use it like a semi wallet because my paper money fits in one pocket on the back of the Midori or I could make some pockets of folders and use that to put the money in. The only thing that I can't put in it, money speaking, was coins.

What I didn't like about this challenge?
  • The lack of room to write in my Fauxbonichi, but that was my own fault because I pre-make the pages to have just one page per day and set it up that way.
  • In my work setup I made it so, that I had a week on a page with notes in the other, but at the end of the month I have my notes for every day. That didn't work as I thought it would. The first days was good but then I didn't keep it up with the notes and lost a lot that I need it to put down... I waited too long to write stuff down there.
  • No color! I have so many pencils and pens of different styles and not being able to use them, even when I don't use them much, was a big problem for me that I solved printing some pictures sometimes.
  • The challenge said one book so when I put my inserts in the Midori I bow that I would not add any other insert, I could take out but not put in... That end up being a problem, not being able to acomodate my needs to write that came after...

What I learned from this challenge?
  • I can actually live and use just ONE book... In this case a Midori but not a Filofax.
  • The reason why I have so much trouble with my Filofax was that the rings where always in the way and I end up taking the pages out to write on them, but with the Midori there is no rings and I just take the Work insert, for example, out and have all the other stuff in my bag, not bothering me at all.
  • I really am bad at keeping track of my money in paper, the reason being that I have the bad habit of not writing the purchase down at the moment. I wait to long or lie to myself telling me that I will remember at the end of the day, wich rarely happens.
  • I'm not a list maker... Not at this time at least...
  • Sometimes I need to push myself to write on a journal. I tend to think to much about what and how I am going to put things or thoughts on paper and most times than not, I end up not writing down what I wanted to and keeping thoughts in my brain instead of the journal.

If this detail in writing wasn't enough... I have a video of almost 30 minutes here for you xD

Also have a flip of my Fauxbonichi with music on Flipagram... Flip of my Fauxbonichi

Thank you all for reading my blogs and going with us on this journey!

Until the next blog post :D

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