lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

#One Book July 2014 - Week 2 Update

Two weeks since this crazy challenge started... Two weeks with only one book and one pen... And...

I'm Still Alive!!!

Two weeks already? *look at the calendar at the bottom of the screen* H*ly sh!t it's almost the midle of the month already!! *sigh* Well... I better leave my "work thoughts" aside to make this update already...

So... let me tell you...I F#ck!ng LOVE the Midori Traveler's Notebook, Regular Size... In the name of total honesty here I have to say that I agree with Rory from Rori's Rant on Youtube: I don't think my personal size Filofax will feel the same after a month in this Notebook... And I can tell you with more and more certanty that I don't even know if I want to go back to personal size ring binder *holds her hands up* Wait... wait... don't kill me yet... just listen/read... *take some deep breaths* First of all I still will have my A5 Fusion that I use for more inside stuff that I will show you some day. Second, even though I love the fact that I can change pages, in and out, of a Filofax, there relays my problem... In the Midori I have to deal with the fact that I made a mistake, corrected or draw on top of it, or something... In the Filofax it's: It doesn't look pretty, so I take it out and replace it... *sigh* So you see... the more pages I don't like, the more I replace and that keeps me from going forward in my planning and stuff...

I also realize that I have a SERIOUS problem with writting in the moment, why? I always think that I will have time to put it onto paper but I forget or just say I will do it later... soon... two or three days later I still haven't done it! *big sigh* And the worst of it, is that I do it on my work section of the planner, in the notes to be more exactly... when I'm suppose to write stuff that happend every day so I can refered back to it when my boss ask about them.

The faux bonichi part of the journey has been fun untill now. I have no complains what so ever and I'm actually pretty pleased with myself that I have been writting on it every night before bed or every morning when I get up... even if it is to draw something or add a memory or a quote... I have even started to draw!! wich is a HUGE thing since I don't draw much, at all... even though I like it...

 The only down that I see it's, and I'm sure most of you will agree with me, it's the one pen situation. For work it's great! But for the other parts not so much, because I want color... I can't say I miss it because I haven't use it much, but the fact that I don't have the chance to take some color pencils or something and paint my drawings drives me a little mad... BUT, at the same time I like how neat my pages look in my fauxbonichi.

Withought more works I will live some pictures (sorry for the ones that are at the side but I don't know how to change that) and a video... ENJOY... :D

My Youtube Update Video

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