lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

#One Book July 2014 - Week 1 Update

One week since this crazy challenge started... One week with one book and one pen... And...
I'm still alive!! YEAH!!

To be honest it's been a week that I thought I wasn't going to be able to make a good work with what I got but at the end I can asure you that my 5 inserts that I choose to put in my full size midori (I know it's not a tinny planner but for work I need the space) are plenty for my needs.

I won't lie... I have my moments when I want another midori, maybe a smaller size for this or the other, or even my slim flex Filofax will work for my ideas but then I remember that I have plenty of space in my full size and that I am doing a fucking challenge... So I stop, breath and go on with my life :D

Here I will live some pictures of my pages... Have in your minds that I am also trying to journal ones a day or at least a page a day, a faux hobonichi it's one of my inserts for this July 2014. For private and responsability reasons I won't be showing you my work insert, just because as we all know they may containt stuff that I can't show...

Here comes the pictures...

If you pay close attention, you can notice that I spilt some soda onto my faux bonichi page for yesterday but I did covered it up pretty well, didn't I? LOL

It's not hard if you can control yourself, to use one book... The hard part for me it's the ONE PEN thing, because I have so many coloring pens that I could use and I'm not using them... And I need to remind myself of that a lot of times during the days and nights...

My Youtube Update Video...

So... How are you doing?? Did you participate??

Leave a comment if you want, join us in this July Mad Challenge LOL


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