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Mis Whatsapp con Mamá - Book Review

I come today with a little different kind of blog post and I hope you... My silent readers... If you are out there of course... You should be out there, right? *start to panick*

Ok... Ok... Enough with that over reaction on my part, of course you are out there! I am not insane!

Today I bring to you a Book Review because I read this book and I love it so much and I think all of you should read it too so you can laugh and love it too :)

Tittle: Mis whatsapp con mamá

Original Tittle: Avec Maman

Author: Alban Orsini

Editorial: Grijalbo

Pages: 384

Price (Spanish Version): 17,29 US$

Price (French Version): 18,71 US$

This book it's in Spanish but I think there is an English version *looks for it* Nop, not yet, sorry English people... but there is a French version on Amazon, and also a Catalán version if I am not crazy *looks all around her and then gets closer to the readers* I will tell you a little secret... but shhhhhh don't tell anybody else... If you look for it on Google you can find it in .epub format in Spanish.

"CijkiopplypM'po" is the first whatsapp a mother sends her son with her new smartphone. Just started on new technologies and excited about the ease of breaking into the daily live of her offspring, learn to handle the new phone at the expense of the patient boy.
My whatsapp with Mom is a hilarious story of a mother and child through the messages exchanged with mobile phone. A modern, emotional, and above all, very funny novel, which tells of the bond between parents and children and generation gaps.

My Opinion / Review
How on earth did I found this book? Well... I don't even remember and it was this past few days, Monday at the least. We were talking about my mother getting a new phone and wich one she should be getting and all that *smiles* Between us, she still confuses Whatsapp with Facebook sometime, but that is not here nor there.

The point is I don't remember but as soon as I saw that tittle and the picture I set myself to get it, one way or the other... And today I did! *nods* Yes, I got it today and read it in an hour, tops. It has 384 pages but it's a light and easy reading because each page is a picture of a phone with the conversation like you where reading from Whatsapp itself.

I could not stop laughing the entire book... Not the end of course but the conversations are so true and I could not, also, compare with what it will be when my mom get her phone with whatsapp soon. If with a cheap regular phone she is anoying, can you imagine what it will be?

Anyway... This is a very light reading, fast, realistic, simple, easy to read and with a great message at the end. No plot to unravel, no complicated characters, nothing. If you are looking for a good time, fun and moments that will trigger memories of situations with you mom, giggles between pages and series of nodding because you agree or have been in a similar situation, this is the book for you.

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