jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Sean's Setup (Pocket Chameleon Filofax)


Hello everyone :) Long time no see, right?

Well to catch up I came here with Sean's setup :D

As you may know (or not) Sean it's my Pocket Chameleon Filofax and was a gift from Stephanie (*o*)

He is my everyday wallet so... here it's my just finished setup for him... I hope you enjoy!


So this is self explanatory don't you think? hehehehe
If you have any question please leave it in the comments below :)
A hands up from me to you... I may do a giveaway soon *grins*

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Katerina LeNoir dijo...

LOVE it honey!!! I am so glad you are getting good use out of it and I love how your blog looks too!! hugs

Norma Brooks dijo...

Cool.... Would you mind showing the inside of your food journal. Thanks

Janis Bennett dijo...


Elizabeth González dijo...

I will Norma, no problem at all. Since it was too new I want to use it a few more days and then show how it's been working (n.n)

Giftie Etcetera dijo...

Is this the only planner that you use? If not, do you actually use the calendar pages?

Mony dijo...

Beautiful post :9

Elizabeth González dijo...

He it's not my only planner. I have a brown personal Metropol, named Coco that it's my main planner and I will make a post about her soon. And also I have another, a DayTimer only for university related dated and stuff

Boo Bear's Place dijo...

Have you ever done a blog post on food journaling with the Filo? I'm researching to see what everyone uses to see how I want to start mine.


Elizabeth González dijo...

If I'm not wrong I did a video about it but I will make a food journal new entry here with the new methot... I try to use my personal Filofax with some pages for food journaling but since I don't take that binder with me ALL the time I decided to go wallet/pocket size LOL

Jennifer Bunagan Reyes dijo...

Hi There! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please check my post at: Good luck!

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