viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Weight Lost Journey - February Review

 Hello again boys and girls... I can believe it's the end/beginning or another month already but here we are... Saying Bye-Bye to February and Welcome to January *smiles* This past month of February much has happens, many goals to reach and we will see in this review, what actually was done and what wasn't...

February Review!

First things first... Measurements:

February 1st February 28th Difference
Weight 75,4 kg 74,5 kg 0,9 kg
Bust 103 cm 103cm 0 cm
Under bust line 89 cm 88 cm 1 cm
Waist 105 cm 103 cm 2 cm
Hips 108 cm 108 cm 0 cm
Left arm 30,5 cm 30,5 cm 0 cm
Right arm 30 cm 29 cm 1 cm
Left leg 63 cm 61 cm 2 cm
Right leg 60,5 cm 60 cm 0,5 cm

Secondly we have... Goals:
No drinking Coke for a Month
This was the crazy goal of the month. Being a Coke addict I can say with proud I did 100% accomplished this goal!

Eat more fruits
Not so much done, you can say 45% done this month because I didn't ate to much fruit to be honest, but I did ate more vegetables *smiles and stick her tongue out a little*

Excercise 60 minutes a day
Only 54% done... this month was a really slow one and need to get better for March, that's for sure

Keep a daily food journal
Another goal that was really not finished... I can say if I did 47% was more than what I spected, but I will get better, here we are to learn *smile*

Try a new recipe for a meal or shake every week
Only two times, meaning I only accomplish 50% of this goal but I like it so I will be putting it again for next month *smiles* And I will find some new recipes to learn and try

March Goals

Regulate my coke intake to only weekends

Eat at least one fruit a day

Excercise daily and regularly at least for 30 minutes

Keep a daily food journal and be honest in it

Make a new recipe for myself once a week

Thank you all that are here with me, supporting this journey and keeping me on track :)

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