martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

My Filofax Week #08 and #09

Hello everyone!
I don't know how this happend but I forgot to post my week last week soo... Today we have two weeks and they are not so fancy or cute or anything... Honestly I wasn't in the mood to make anything special...

Week #08

As you all can see there is a little colour here but not much, I was alone at the house since the 22th and didn't have much to do, and wasn't feeling so colourfull so... I just put what was necesary to keep track of a few things...

Week #09

This week was a little bit different because I have decided that for March I was going to change my daily set up and start my week on Monday, just for a change and since I printed my own pages it's good for me to try need things... As you can see my WO2P layout has not change, at leats not much because I still have a little space on the top for notes, in this case and being the beginning of the month: Goals...

Another thing that you may have notices... I cutted the top and bottom inside edges a little bid so the paper can be more free regarding the flap that it's there to open the rings... Since I don't have a round puncher to make it I use and old planner ruler to mark and then cut :)

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