miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Finaly Here!

Ok, this should be up for a very very very long time know but for some reason it stayed on the draft part of my blog and since I was looking at that part I found it and here it is...

You may ask yourself... What are this pictures? Well... This are pictures of the parcel Tracy Reinhartd send me on December last year and arrived here in January... my prize for winning a giveaway on her blog... The first thing I have ever won in my life :)


A really cool post card with a cute little note from Tracy in her own handwriting *-* 
Thank you so much for reading my blog!
Hope you enjoy all the things!

The post card has holes on it to be in my Filofax and it was at the time but now she lives in another binder I have because I don't want it to get torn or something

 Here you can see a lot of stickers for my calendar pages and I think those dots are Martha Stewart dots or maybe Mark it Dots, not sure but they are mat and great for my binder and... not so small! I haven't use the other stickers yet but those dots I did...

 This are other stickers and those are Avery removable labels (pink, orange, green, yellow). Of this group of stuff I only used one of the sticker with a Cupid on it for Valentines Day

 Of all the group of prizes, this was what I want it the most... Studio C dividers for my A5 Domino that actually I never re punched or put in my Filofax because I was and I'm so worry to use it and then torn something for the use... I know it's silly but it is how it is...

  Last but not least my most use objects of this parcel... Martha Stewart tabs and a binder sticker that even if I didn't use one of the flowers yet *smile* I have it in my personal size Filofax just in case I decided to do it at some point

I have to say THANK YOU again to Tracy for this parcel that I still have in a very well kept place in my room that maybe I will show you at some point in time for organization purposes... but here it is Finaly the post about it!

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