lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

Weight Loss Journey - Food Diary

This post it's a better response to Joy. She asked me the other night on twitter if I was keeping a food journal and I said I do. She asked me then how do I keep it so I decided to make a video, but I think that putting the pictures of my two layouts here will be more helpfull.

First of all I have to admit I'm not the best to keep a food journal. I forgot about writting in it most of the time and then I just feel like if I didn't stick to it before I won't do it right this time... but I kept on trying so...

Well this is one of the first layouts I've used before and has worked for me. I made little circles to check my watter intake and I writte down the time and what I ate, with some little notes at the bottom of the page. This is a pretty simple way to keep track of your food if you are like me that forgets to writte down what you ate and on top of that, if you have to remember the calories... for me it's crazy so...

Because I wanted to keep track of how I spend most of my time and try to keep myself in a time frame to study as I need too instead of keeping me up all night, the night before the test, I change my layout for the weekend and did this. A time table, a remember to do and a food journal section in one page with the date on top. Like always the writting it's just time and what you ate but I like the way this looks a little better than the other so... I will try to use this for a few more days so I can see...

Another thing that I will be trying it's to colour coordinate my food journal. But what that means? I still don't think I should writte down calories but I do believe I need to know when I'm eating because it's time, like lunch or something, or I'm eating because of something else, like a feeling that keep bugging me and I ate to keep it in control. That's what I will be trying to add to my layout this week :)

I hope this was helpfull... I know you can add calorie counting at the side of every food or drink you get in yourself, I just can't do it, don't know why but I can't so... :)

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