domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

My Filofax Week #05

This is my week #05 making this post in my blog and I actually find myself wanting to get to Sunday so I can take the pictures and putting them here :)

As you can see... I change my layout and to be honest with you all, I was loving this layout until Tuesday when I realized that I did some of those things on the To-Do side but they seem not to have a dead line so that was a problem for me and I hang in there until today and I went back to the week on two pages with notes.

The pros for me in this layout was the space, the posibility of making my to-do's a little more extensive, not having to write again when I didn't did something in the corresponding day, did I mention space? LOL The cons for me in this layout it's that my task and/or to-do's are not in a deadline or have a date to be due... I just realized that I could color coordinate them with highlighters for each day but that's for another week, since I already printed the layout and started with this week :P

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